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Professional Home Staging Service

Professional Home Staging can help you sell your home faster! According to the Real Estate Staging Association, on average, homes which are staged before going on the market tend to sell 73% faster than their non-staged counterparts!

Home Staging is the Most Important Step to Attracting a Potential Buyer

Thanks to reality television, many home owners are now familiar with the concept of home staging. A non-staged home is much less appealing in photographs, as well as in person. On the other hand, staged homes are often more likely to have a higher number of showings. Since most home buyers now start their home searches online, having your home staged professionally and appropriately can be crucial towards that first step of attracting a potential buyer.

Why Choose Desertwide Services for Home Staging

Home staging is an art—the art of preparing a home for sale—and we are an expert in it! Desertwide Services is a professional home stager, and our aim is to improve the flow of your home, eliminate clutter, make your home appear bigger and brighter. We have a highly experienced design team that emphasizes your home’s space and functionality, and pulls together everything from furniture to accessories, lights, rugs, and flowers, to transform your vacant homes into homes—that can appeal to the largest number of prospective buyers— and where they can envision themselves living. Call Desertwide Services for a free home staging estimate! We can provide you with professional home staging for your property and likely have offers within a short period of time! We offer full staging, mini-staging w/art and accessories only and custom staging. Call today!